Amara Baby Food, Peas, Corn &Amp; Carrots, 100% Veggies Baby &Amp; Infant Food, Organic Fruits And Veggies For Baby And Toddler Meals - Stage 2 (10 Pouches)


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  • STAGE 2 BABY FOOD - Babies love Amara's Peas, Corn & Carrots. Just veggies, no fruit for a savory balanced meal for your baby or toddler. Moms and dads love the homemade texture and convenience - great for breakfast or daycare. Perfect for 6+ months or whenever your baby is ready. Less than $2.20 per meal.

  • PREMIUM TASTE, TEXTURE, NUTRITION - Amara goes beyond the traditional baby food pouch, using an innovative process to preserve nutrition, taste, and texture from fresh veggies and fruits. Next best to homemade.

  • MIX IT FRESH - Add breast milk, formula or water for a healthy baby food puree of fruits, veggies, and grains - ready when you need it most.

  • THE BETTER BABY FOOD CHOICE - Organic, GMO-Free, no additives, no salt, no added sugar, minimal processing, gluten-free, dairy-free. Try all Amara Baby Food Flavors on Amazon.

  • FRESH INGREDIENTS - Each meal begins with carefully selected fresh ingredients. The ESSENTIAL goodness is locked in to provide your growing baby with wholesome, simple, nourishing meals.

  • Size : 2-boxes

Amara's Peas, Corn & Carrots - delicious and healthy baby food with JUST VEGGIES - no sugary fruit and absolutely no additives.

Amara stands apart from highly processed baby food found in jars and pouches. We use an innovative production technique* that preserves the nutrition, taste, and texture of vegetables and fruits.

Each packet contains real food, simple ingredients, carefully selected to provide your growing baby with wholesome, nourishing meals. Just veggies without the water - no refrigeration needed. Mix it fresh - add formula, breast milk, or water.

What's in Amara Baby Food?

Amara sources premium organic, GMO-free fruits, grains, and veggies - that's all we ever add to our baby food. Minimal processing of the vegetables and fruits mean that your baby experiences authentic food textures, smells, colors, and tastes.

Amara Stands Apart

Many baby foods - in both jars and pouches - are repeatedly cooked and/or treated with high heat, drained and extensively processed, concentrating sugar levels and compromising nutrition, flavor, and texture. To compensate for the lost nutrition, flavor, and texture - and to make the food shelf-stable - emulsifiers, synthetic or isolated nutrient powders, and other ingredients may be added back in. Read the labels to see how Amara stands apart.

Created for You and Baby.

When baby eats Amara Organic Baby Food, her first meals are fruits, grains and vegetables with naturally occurring nutrition and fiber. She experiences premium textures and tastes, learning healthy eating habits. Amara is one step away from fresh homemade, a great food choice for your baby. Easy prep and easy to pack - slip a few pouches into your diaper bag and get on with your busy day.

Money Back Guarantee

If you or your baby are not fully satisfied with Amara's quality and taste, we will issue a full refund.

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