Clausthaler Premium Non-Alcoholic Beer, 12-Oz Glass Bottles


  • $79.77
  • Save $36.06

  • A well-balanced non-alcoholic malt beverage with a full-bodied taste that is pleasantly refreshing for any occasion

  • Great For Any Moment whether you are pregnant, can't drink, won't drink, need to operate heavy machinery, or simply don't want a hangover tomorrow morning

  • Make Your New Years Resolution Easier With this Non-Alcoholic Beer

  • Brewed according to the German beer purity law with the finest barley malt and choice hops.

  • Authentic, Pure and Natural - Fresh and palatable with an intensive hoppy tang

  • Size : 12 Bottles

Clausthaler, pure and clean with German taste. A well-balanced nonalcoholic lager. Brewed with the finest barley malt. Clausthaler Premium Non-Alcoholic Beer.

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