Hormel Pepperoni Twin Links - Pepperoni Sausage


  • $82.53

Arrives in 3-7 Business Days with Fast Shipping

  • America's #1 Pepperoni

  • Hot and spicy sausage patiently aged to peak flavor

  • Made with select beef and pork, mixed with spices

  • Portable and ready to eat; no refrigeration needed

  • Pack of 16, with 2 links per package

Hormel Pepperoni Twin Links are a tasty addition to a party platter, as well as a quick on the go snack. Each package comes with 2 pepperoni sausage links. With 140 calories per serving size, they are also keto-friendly and gluten-free. They require no preparation, and can be served cold or warm. Eat as a snack or slice for a pizza night with your favorite toppings.

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