Mio Mango Peach Liquid Water Enhancer, 1.62 oz(Pack of 4)

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Product Overview

  • 24 eight ounce. drinks

  • Uniquely different taste

  • Size : 1.62oz

The MiO Liquid Water Enhancer lets you to create up to 24 eight-ounce drinks just the way you like them. You only have to squirt a few drops of this enhancer into a glass of water to prepare a drink that s truly refreshing. MiO flavor enhancer is sugar-, carbohydrate- and gluten-free. And because it's liquid, the texture of the water remains unaffected when you add the enhancer. No more gritty mixes. This MiO drink enhancer comes in a small, oval-shaped bottle to conveniently fit into your pocket, so you can carry it with you on the go.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review