Dan'L Boone Inn Whole Country Ham (15 Lbs Minimum To 18 Lbs)

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  • 15 Lb Minimum to 18 Lb Whole Country Ham, Cured in the Mountains Of NC

  • The Best Country Ham we sell at Julia's Southern Foods

  • This country ham used at Hardees (R) and Bo Jangles (R) my favorite places to buy a ham bisucit

  • Ham served at the Dan'l Boone Inn, The Grove Park Inn and Resort of Pinehurst

  • Cured with salt, cane sugar and brown sugar

The Dry curing of hams is often referred to as an art. The proven methods used to dry cure hams have been handed down to each generation by our Appalachian forefathers. Today the dry curing of hams is one of the few traditions that technology has not significantly altered but actually enhanced. We duplicate the natural seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall to create products that has a distinctive flavor profile. If you are not familiar with country salt cured hams they have a strong salty taste which can be reduced by soaking prior to cooking. You can find a variety of good recipes on how to prepare and cook a whole country hams on the internet. Some folks just like to carve off just enough to cook at one time. Our hams are cured by a North Carolina family business who have won many awards including Country Ham Grand Champion in 2013. Our uncooked country ham products do not require refrigeration, so they can be shipped in a box without other packing materials. According to the USDA, uncooked country hams are safe to store at room temperature because they contain so little water bacteria cannot multiply in them. You may notice a little mold, mold in no way affects the quality of the meat but rather indicates proper aging. It is a perfectly normal occurrence on a genuine country ham. Don't worry about it, as it is a natural process that occurs very similar to the molding in fine aged cheese. In fact if you do not cut into this whole ham, it can be stored at room temperature for up to a year without affecting the flavor. Every shipment included more information about country hams and instructions for preparing and cooking.

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