Juanita'S Menudo Menudito, 15 Ounce

Juanita'S Menudo Menudito, 15 Ounce


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  • 15 Oz Can (Pack of 6)

Juanita's brand products are made by Juanita's Foods, a third generation family-owned and operated business based in Wilmington, California. Founded in 1946 by George De La Torre Sr. and his nephew, Albert Guerrero, it was originally called Harbor Canning Company and specialized in canning the catches of local sportsfishermen. One day, at the suggestion of Albert's wife, Ruth, they tried canning menudo, a popular Mexican stew. This innovative side venture, started in 1950, grew to become a huge success, eventually leading Juanita's to be the world's largest manufacturer of canned menudo.

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