Jumpstart Bodyfuel Tko All Natural Gluten Free Protein Bars Coconut Date Chia Crunch, 2.65 Oz

Jumpstart Bodyfuel

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  • Freshly made in small batches, non-automated, non-GMO, tender texture

  • 3 flavors: Chocolate Salted Peanuts, Pumpkin Cherry, & Coconut Date Chai Crunch

  • Wheat free, gluten free, no refined sugars, non GMO, no preservatives, no soy

  • 20g protein, low GI, great fiber source, athletes love the sustained energy

  • Natural & unprocessed, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no eggs, no cholesterol

Passionately inspired
Hand crafted, unrefined & unprocessed. A delicious, healthy alternative to commercially mass-produced bars. Tested & chosen by health enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, sports enthusiasts as well as seniors too. Unparalleled digestive health benefits for regularity. Nice source of complex carbs & protein. No blood sugar spike as it's absorbed slowly in the bloodstream.

TKO Bars knockout the competition
Development inspired by noted E.R. physician, James Buselli, MD.
Hand crafted for better flavor & texture
Loaded with fiber & premium whey protein
Perfect post-workout meal replacement or for sustained energy
No preservatives & stabilizers that most protein bars use for longer shelf life
No synthetic vitamins that most protein bars use to replace nutrients lost during automated processing

Made with love in Linda's small commercial kitchen
Your body doesn't benefit from fortification or enrichment. Our bars aren't fortified so key nutrients aren't lost. Harsh machine processing assaults & cooks out nutrients. Our bars are hand mixed - a big difference in taste & texture. Can be frozen. 5-month shelf life.

Jumpstart Bodyfuel
Founded in 2008 by health & nutrition advocate Linda Ikeda, we're dedicated to the mission that great nutrition can have superior taste and that unprocessed food is the ultimate in healthful eating - being closest to homemade. Manufactured in Los Alamitos, CA, our all-natural products include: Energy Bars, Kookies, TKO Protein Bars and KISS Protein Bars. Made with loving hands in small batches, our products promote sustained energy, peak performance, are non-GMO, contain complex carbs, and are pure, raw, and natural sources of fiber.

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