Junket Danish Dessert - Strawberry (4.75 Ounce)


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  • A unique, light easily prepared dessert

  • Based on Scandanavia's famous Red Pudding

  • Creates the tastiest pudding, pie filling or glaze

  • Available in Strawberry or Raspberry

  • Varieties sold separately

Junket Danish Dessert and its trademark Flibbity Jibbit have been a favorite of children since the 1940s. This unique dessert, based on Scandanavia's famous Red Pudding, is a light, easily prepared dessert. Creates the tastiest pudding, pie filling or glaze.

Since 1874, consumers have been enjoying Junket Products. These great-tasting homemade desserts are a tradition for many families. Classic Rennet Custard has been a timeless favorite because of its rennet enzyme, which helps aid in digestion.

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