Just The Cheese Popped Cheese, Lower Salt Flavor, 1.7-Ounce Bags

Just The Cheese

  • $69.70

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  • One pack of six 1.7-ounce bags (10.2 total ounces)

  • Made from real Wisconsin cheese

  • Low in sodium and carbohydrates

  • gluten free

  • Natural cheese is baked and popped into a crisp and airy snack

  • Made with a patented 17-step baking process that makes natural cheese into a crunchy snack

  • Size : 6pc

Protein and calcium rich snack. Great for low-carb diets. Enjoy instead of popcorn. 1 g carbohydrates per serving. Wisconsin cheese. Theater style. Try Popped cheese. Its like popcorn but without the carbs or the corn. When a kernel of our natural cheese is put through our special baking process it expands and then pops, The result? A delicious, airy snack that first crunches then melt in your mouth. And, since Popped Cheese is made of cheese it is high in calcium and protein but has only one gram of carbohydrate per serving.

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