Olivenation Australian Crystalized Ginger 8 Oz.

Olivenation Australian Crystalized Ginger 8 Oz.


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  • Australian crystallized ginger sweet and spicy ginger candy. Made from the harvested tender baby ginger roots

  • Use candied ginger in cakes, cookies, muffins, scones and more

  • Ingredients: ginger, cane sugar

  • Crystallized ginger is a delicious candy and mixes it into baked goods; add it to trail mix, and more

  • It is a amazing colored candy with sweet and spicy taste

  • Size : 0.56

Australian ginger is acknowledged to be the finest in the world. Harvested from tender new baby ginger roots our Australian ginger is sliced then bathed in a sugar syrup and finally finished off by dipping in sugar. The result is a soft, chewy, crystallized golden-colored delight suitable for snacking or cooking. For a special treat dip the ginger in melted dark chocolate.This comment from one of our customers sums it up. quot;I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I received my order today and was very pleased with the level of quality of your product. It appears that you have a sharp eye for quality food products. I am extremely particular when it comes to food products. I grew up in a restaurant family, have attended professional course work at the California Culinary Academy and have been cooking since a very young age; all that considered, your products exceeded my expectations! Thanks for making your products available.quot;

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