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  • 100% Pure Kosher Clarified Butter for popcorn from U.S. Produced and Pasteurized Cows Milk

  • ALLERGEN FREE - No Trans Fat, No Salt, No Additives or Preservatives. Only 100% real butter from fresh cream.

  • Melt and drizzle over popped popcorn for delicious buttered popcorn with no bad aftertaste

  • NO SOGGY POPCORN! 99.95% pure concentrated butter will not make your popcorn shrink or become soggy

  • Use with seafood as drawn butter, as well as sauteing, pan frying, sauces and baking

Buttered Popcorn is pretty much the best thing ever and if you're reading this, you probably agree.

You might be wondering how to make your buttered popcorn even better. You may have already tried melting a stick of butter and pouring it over your popcorn. That didn't work out so well, did it? Soggy, shriveled popcorn is not delicious.

Maybe you've tried the various butter flavored popcorn toppings that claim to make Movie Theater Popcorn and were completely turned off by the fake and/or chemical flavor, bad after-taste and mile long list of artificial ingredients.

Our Tru-POP Popcorn Butter is made from 100% USA produced cow's milk. The cream is fully pasteurized and clarified to 99.95 percent pure butterfat which means that there is no water left in the butter to make your popcorn soggy.

As for ingredients, the only ingredient this popcorn butter needs is fresh cream. There is no trans fat or salt and no other additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just pure, rich buttery goodness.

Enjoy not only on popcorn, but also to dip your seafood and lobster. Excellent to use for cooking purposes like pan frying, sauteing, as well as baking and making sauces.

Tru-POP Popcorn butter will remain a solid at room temperature and will not separate.
Melting Point: 98 degrees
Smoke Point: 325 degrees
Flash Point: 540 degrees

Check the ingredients of other popcorn butter toppings and you will see why Tru-POP Real Popcorn Butter is the best. No additives like food coloring, TBHQ or methyl-silicone. Just pure butter from fresh cream from American cows. Good for you, good for your family.

Produced in an Allergen Free facility. Contains dairy, but free from other allergens.

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