Red 'Alaea Sea Salt Hawaii Chili Pepper Flavor, For J'S Hawaii 7 Oz.

Red 'Alaea Sea Salt Hawaii Chili Pepper Flavor, For J'S Hawaii 7 Oz.


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  • 100% Hawaii made.

  • Made with all natural ingredients.

  • Sea Salt with the heat of Hawaiian chili peppers.

  • Made with a trade secret process that infuses Hawaiian chili to each grain of salt.

  • Great for soups, stir-fry, seafood dishes and grilled vegetables or meats.

  • Size : 7 Oz.

Hawaiian Chili Sea Salt adds that great Hawaii touch to any dish. The hint of its fiery heat is dependent on the dish; but its the magical property of the Hawaiian Chili Pepper that makes the dish especially tasty. Hawaiian Red 'Alaea is a legendary medicinal clay laden with healthful benefits, enriched with Iron-Oxide. Occurring naturally in bright, beautiful veins between layers of lava rock, Red 'Alaea clay is nevertheless difficult to find and thus very expensive. Hawaiian Red 'Alaea Salt is a mixture of red 'alaea clay and sea salt. These salts are believed to be sacred salts, once used in Hawaiian ceremonies to cleanse, purify and in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. Today, these salts are used primarily for cooking. They have become quite popular with Chefs and gourmet cooks around the world, desiring to heighten the flavors of their dishes with the Red 'Alaea Salt from Hawaii. Our trade secret SavorBlastTM process produces Pacific Sea Salt crystals in which each grain is infused with Hawaiian Chili Pepper and our secret formula of spices. For the health conscious, this Hawaiian Chili Pepper infusion contains all natural ingredients. We refuse to add anti-caking agents so in regions of varying humidity this salt may cake up, though rarely. If it does, the minor inconvenience of breaking it up is well worth the result that this salt will make in your dishes!

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