Salmon Caviar, Alaskan - 3.50 Oz. / 100 Gr.

Salmon Caviar, Alaskan - 3.50 Oz. / 100 Gr.


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Salmon roe, often referred to as red caviar, is prized for its larger, firmer bead and juicy sweetness. Harvested and lightly salted using the time-honored methods established by venerable Russian fisheries. Salmon caviar is perfect for the discriminating caviar connoisseur. Large orange berries that are alive with fresh flavor. This red-orange roe has large natural-colored succulent eggs which are surprisingly mild. The Malossol process uses gourmet sea salt and results in a milder flavor and lower salt content than common alternatives. Best served with sour cream or cream cheese. Shelf life 2 weeks refrigerated (ideally at 28 to 32 degrees), and may be stored in the freezer up to 6 months. Our 1, 2, and 4 ounce selections come in glass jars. Our 1.75 and 5.5 ounce selections come in attractive crystal glass jars, perfect for gift giving. All other sizes come in elegant traditional tins. Labeling may vary slightly. JustCaviar also carries Canadian and Keta Salmon caviar.

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