Sea Salt Garlic Flavor, For J'S Hawaii 7 Oz.

Sea Salt Garlic Flavor, For J'S Hawaii 7 Oz.


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  • 100% Hawaii Made.

  • Sea Salt with that fresh garlic flavor.

  • Made with all natural ingredients.

  • Made with a trade secret process that infuses garlic with each salt grain.

  • Adds that nice Hawaii touch to your meal.

  • Size : 7 Oz.

This garlic sea salt is prepared with fresh garlic, this is the most versatile flavor Infusion. Use it in place of regular table salt (but sparingly because of the intensity of sea salt) in your favorite recipes. Our trade secret SavorBlastTM process produces Pacific Sea Salt crystals in which each grain is infused with Garlic and our secret formula of spices. For the health conscious, this Garlic infusion contains all natural ingredients. We refuse to add anti-caking agents so in regions of varying humidity this salt may cake up, though rarely. If it does, the minor inconvenience of breaking it up is well worth the result that this salt will make in your dishes!

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