Sichuan Pixian Boad Bean Paste With Red Chili Oil - 17.6 Oz (500G) | Hong You Dou Ban

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  • a must-have ingredient for most Sichuan Cuisine dishes including Mapo Tofu, Hui Guo Rou and Hong Shao Rou

  • Pixian chili bean paste with oil has unique flavor and used in various type of dishes, salad, stew, braise, stir-fry.

  • Ingredients: Red chili, Broad bean, wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, spice, Food addictive (potassium sorbate)

  • China Time-honored Brand, Soul of Sichuan Cuisine

  • Plastic jar - easy to store and use

Pixian chili paste with oil is made from broad bean instead of soy bean. Pixian chili paste with oil has its unique flavor and enjoys a high reputation all over world. Although spicy fermented chili paste is a well-known spice in Sichuan cuisine, it is actually widely used in various dishes, such as salad, stew, soup, marinade, and stir-fry. Chili paste with oil is spicy and salty, so be mindful of the amount used when cooking with it, and reduce or eliminate the amount of salt accordingly.

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