Sourwood Honey Pure, Natural And Raw 1 Pound

Sourwood Honey Pure, Natural And Raw 1 Pound

Julia's Pantry

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  • Pure, Natural, Raw and Unfiltered Honey

  • Rare honey sought after by honey connoisseurs

  • Flavor is floral and light

Our honey is pure, natural and raw. The bees find the Sourwood bloom in the North Georgia Mountains right now, In harvesting all of our honey we simply remove honey from our beehives while still in it's beeswax comb, remove the honey from the beeswax comb through centripetal force, and strain it (not micro-filtered) as it is poured into our bottling tanks. Sourwood Honey's color ranges from pure white to light amber with a deep, spicy flavor that makes it sought after by honey connoisseurs everywhere. The honey's scarcity can be attributed to the very small amount of Sourwood trees currently growing. The medium-height tree is indigenous to the United States and grows from southern Pennsylvania to northern Georgia. If the honey is produced with the expertise of a skilled beekeeper, the taste has no parallel. Its flavor is floral and light with hints of baking spices and anise.

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