White Truffle Oil 845 Oz By Jr Mushrooms & Specialties

White Truffle Oil 845 Oz By Jr Mushrooms & Specialties


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  • Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with white truffle

  • Use as a finishing oil, not for cooking

  • Highest quality

  • To store, keep in a cool dark place and away from sunlight

  • Size : 8.45 oz.

White truffles are among the world's rarest tubers. These forest gems are found in the area around Alba in northern Italy as well as central Italy in the fall. While white truffles can cost thousands of dollars per pound, you can enjoy the same ethereal taste and aroma in our extra virgin olive oil infused with white truffles. You have our personal assurance of the high quality of these oils. At a recent sampling of our oils, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of American told us that ours was the best she had ever tasted. Use very sparingly over pasta, tomato-based sauces, sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, fine cheeses such as Manchego and goat cheeses. Brush on grilled meats for a unique taste sensation.

JR Mushrooms & Specialties, Inc., has been a provider of outstanding quality dried mushrooms and specialty gourmet products to fine retailers since 1990. Due to the overwhelming positive responses and comments, the company decided to make these products available directly to retail customers.

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